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Livia | Pilates, Yoga, Massage

My Story

I have been studying movement for over 30 years, first through dance and later Pilates and Yoga. 
Born and raised in Yugoslavia, I danced ballet and contemporary dance which brought me to the Netherlands. I studied at Rotterdam Dance Academy (Codarts) where I discovered the beauty and authenticity of the Classical Pilates method which I’m teaching ever since.

Already 15 years ago Yoga became an increasingly important part of my life. When I moved to Amsterdam and found Svaha Yoga, I immediately fell in love with this place and the Bhakti Yoga practices they taught and I got curious to learn more. I enrolled in their Teacher Training and afterwards travelled to India to deepen my practice. This journey opened my heart and changed my life. Soon after, I started teaching Yoga at my home-based studio, Svaha Yoga and other studios in Amsterdam. I had the honour to study and practice with many wonderful teachers and I’m grateful to be able to share this magic with others.

​My classes are based on mindful movement, alignment and flow. They are playful and uplifting, yet meditative. Inspiration I find in music, dance and nature. My practice is also influenced by Vipassana Meditation, Ayurveda and Thai-Yoga massage but the biggest inspiration to me are my students of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes.

Currently I study the art of Zen Shiatsu at Zen Shiatsu Opleiding in Amsterdam.


Born 1979 
OKUD Mladost 
Baletska skola, Subotica 
Srednja Baletska Skola, Novi Sad 
Tancmuveszetifoiskola, Budapest 
Rotterdam Dance Academy (Codarts) 
The Pilates Studio, The Hague 
Romana’s Pilates 
Pilates Works, Antwerpen 
Iyengar Yoga Institute, Amsterdam 
Svaha Yoga, Amsterdam 
Vipassana Meditation 
ITM ThaiHand, Amsterdam 
Meershiatsu, Bergen NH 
Kasper Kalf
Sekoya Center, Schoorl

Audrey Kramer

Radika Foundation

"I’m grateful to all the teachers I had the honour to study with, and to all the

students from the past, present and future, who inspire me to keep learning,

growing and becoming a better version of myself"

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