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What do clients say 

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M. Webb

(Yoga Teacher)

"Livia’s yoga practice feels both nourishing and uplifting. It is so inspiring to experience the deeply rooted knowledge of the body and her movement, which Livia obviously has! The choice of flow movement in relation to breathing exercises on the rhythm of tasteful music is truly enchanting. She is able to provide both structure as well as personal attention therefor providing an harmonious atmosphere for us to dive deeply into our own practice. Very inspiring! Thank you! Namaste." 

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M. de Miranda-Tol

(Dance Teacher / Choreographer)

"Livia is an excellent teacher for Pilates and Yoga. I have followed private Pilates with Livia and she has guided me well, with an eye for precision (alignment) and guidance that is tailored to the person he / she needs. finding the right balance between motivating for hard work (persevering when the going gets tough) but also keeping an eye out not to go over boundaries (nice to the body) Livia has a nice personality and she is only one in the Alkmaar / Bergen area who teaches with this quality private Pilates sessions on the Reformer!"

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H. Tholen


"I have been attending Livia’s yoga and Pilates classes twice a week for 2 years now, and I love it! Her lessons are always different, she adds challenging parts, she creates a great flow in her practice and I love her tone of voice. After attending one of her classes I always feel so good, like you really have done something and feeling your whole body. Beside that she has a lovely and charming personality. Really recommend Livia for beginners and pro’s!" 

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